how to deal

weeds season 1 ep 5/
Celia Hodes: everyone thinks i've lost my mind
10 yr old Shane: everyone thinks im weird.
well i can see how you give that impression
i really don't care what they think
good for you! let your freak flag fly.
i recently stopped giving a shit what everyone thinks. and it feels great.
but you have cancer.
and you have a dead father.
both of us make ppl really uncomfortable. theres no way around it.
so either we can feel all self conscious and pretend everything's all normal
or we can just be our strange selves.
thanks mrs hodes.
for what?
for telling me the truth
you're welcome
its a bitch though ain't it?

the sex and the city movie

claire and i finally caught the movie last wednesday :D it was so magical and nice. Mr Big now trumps George Clooney as the ultimate hot middle aged man in my book. and it's always nice to hope that it is possible that grown women can remain such great chummy friends with zero conflict.

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likes: cracking creme brulee with a teaspoon

I just watched Amelie. I believe i'm possibly the only person who cried buckets towards the end. I was srsly bawling.
always assumed that it was french and impossible to understand with no subtitles.

without you, today's emotions will be the scurf of yesterday's.
(sounds better in french)

you are my butterstick

may 20th 08

6 random things:

i just went to see my new cousin today. she's 6 days old and has a lot of hair. her english name is Nikki- to which my gran immediately said 'nicky, like a dog's name ha ha'. hay but there IS a diff between Nikki (la femme nikita) and Nicky (dog or man [same difference. haha]).

speaking of hair, when i wake up in the morning/afternoon, i leave like a mass of hair on my bed. its disturbing. but im not balding. or at least, i dont have a bald spot, yet.

i think the world is really coming to an end. 5d and i discussed this and both our religions (muslim, christian) agree on that. one of the changes is an extreme change in the weather (happening), and natural disasters (happening), and according to my mom, or a sermon i once heard, or the bible, one day food will be scarce and impossible to get unless we sell our soul to the devil; this will happen for a painfully long, endless time, until we cannot tahan and die of starvation or disease. not only food i think, but everything. we will be tortured unless we sell our souls to the devil, and denounce God's name. so it'll be a trial of faith. and those who pull through will RIP in heaven. *Disclaimer: might be inaccurate* but thats what i truly believe. *Disclaimer: though i havent been to church in real long*

<Virgin Suicides>, <Thank you for Smoking>, <ANTM>, <Gossip Girl> was last week's plate of shows/movies. all good.

i saw the weirdest dog today. my uncle's. frickin fat, dog head, big dangly titties, body like a pig. cute.

i had the weirdest proposition from a primary school friend that i rarely talked to in primary school (i'd the impression he was from the AST gang back in primary school). OI, just cos we talk a bit on msn and you bumped into me twice doesnt make it any less weird.

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its saturday today and i stayed home watching desperate housewives 4 for like 4 hours; 4 episodes in total. and my 14 year old brother went out and came home at 11.45pm. while i, at the peak (all downhill from here) of my youth, am at home on a weekend, eating non stop and watching tv shows. big contrast. anw it was prob 36 degrees today again and i think i toasted my brain in the process:

. says:
ok scissors paper stone
jillyan/ cos fish piss in the sea says:
okay i stone
jillyan/ cos fish piss in the sea says:
u paper
jillyan/ cos fish piss in the sea says:
u lose
. says:
i win
. says:
jillyan/ cos fish piss in the sea says:
jillyan/ cos fish piss in the sea says:
jillyan/ cos fish piss in the sea says:
jillyan/ cos fish piss in the sea says:
that was damn stupid
jillyan/ cos fish piss in the sea says:
i killed myself.

how dumb is that

jonathan rhys meyers is too hot.

YES no more deadlines for this semester! Of course, it marks the beginning of -you have no excuse but to study your ass off for exams- period. which, is not as bad as rushing for a particular assignment you hate doing. Like how i was addicted to SATC last sem during this period, i'm addicted to The Tudors this sem. Apart from the scandals, JRM, and the actress playing Anne Boleyn, i also like very much the way they speaketh. And, how JRM make skirts, puff sleeves and tights look hot on a man one can only marvel. I even went to research on some info for the middle ages and the rule of Henry VIII just so i can better understand the show, and i watched the 6 part bloopers on youtube twice. Mad.
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the french horn.

a two piece performance by the stmargs alumni- i must say it really allows you to give a 110% into both pieces. the whole of VCH resounding in our garang stmargsband cheer has got to be the ultimate cheap thrillesque high point yesterday.

If you are living out of a sense of obligation you are slave.
If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change
. -Wayne Dyer.

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concert was fun- i didnt take it too seriously thats why. the only queer thing was why we had 2 encores, and doraemon is just retarded. so, although most of my kakis didn't play, it was still nice playing with everyone. there was one point on saturday when we were just sitting at the stage, talking complete kok and gossiping a bit- it was almost  just like old times. but not quite. and another point during break time when i went complete nuts and belted out -when you believe- on the LT mike.  i will never tire of this.

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the lighter things

i still update the secret blogspot but will foray into LJ, slowwwly, or not. anw i dont have mid terms and im in denial about my readings so im here, typing. but ive a study date tmr so that might be productive. it will.
this saturday's acalumnibandconcert. songs are nice. and im looking forward to wearing my mom's high waisted black skirt that she wore long ago to play her double bass. got it majorly shortened by my granny.

so yest was fun. hadnt had friend fun in a week. so twas goood.

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